*transitional journal entry*

Here at work, late last week, they combined three training teams into one, thus eliminating two management positions. My boss was in one of those eliminated positions. She couldn't have had more than half a day's notice before they handed over a pink slip, and her head on a platter. She disappeared so fast I wouldn't be at all surprised to find her in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or Abu Ghraib. Corporate policies these days, in this regard, seem less like HR events and more like kidnappings. It's hella-creepy.

They say that they won't be getting rid of any of the training team personnel but I'll wager whatever you please that a few people will suddenly find "reasons" to depart some time in the next couple of months. I feel quite confident that my job isn't at risk. My skill set is sought after, here, and even if I did get the ax I could be doing the same job as a contractor, again, within days.

I've been watching a lot of British television, lately, with the aid of my BFF, BitTorrent. Doctor Who, Primeval, Life on Mars, and Jekyll. I don't know quite what to make of Jekyll. I can never tell whether the Mr. Hyde in this production is about to brutally murder someone or start singing show tunes. He's the only monstrous psychopath I've ever seen who makes "jazz hands" on a regular basis.
I hope your job is secure. Bummer about your boss, though...unless you didn't like her, in which case, good riddance.

In a little bit of odd Sande trivia: I have to turn up the volume when I watch British TV. Apparently I've rationalized that if it's louder, I'll be able to keep up when they talk really fast and be able to not only catch, but understand, those words that are particular to the Brits.
I got along well with my boss but we didn't have all that much interaction. Thing is, she had originally applied to just be a grunt but somehow, because of her experience, she got talked into being a manager. She didn't really want that, and I think she knew she would be, and ended up being, not great at it. Not horrible, but not great.

I guess what bugs me is they worked this woman like a slave for probably close to two years and then to just shove her out the door like that just sticks in my craw. And it's so typical of American corporations.