we liked it, Bill though Night was pushing it a little bit, you know trying a little too hard to be big like his other movies.

but it was fun, cute, and I still cried.
That movie was junk. Trash. Waste of film. Waste of time and money. Waste of brain. Waste of talented people who could have been doing other things that are worth watching. Trite, badly written, obvious, overdone, corny, stupid, insulting, and one giant cliche from beginning to end.

Other than that it wasn't too bad. Oh no, wait--yes it was.
I was tired last night and my analytical brain may have been switched off. It could be that I saw the movie that it could have been rather than the movie that it was. And, of course, I always enjoy Paul Giamatti.
Okay, but I do wonder if these bombs (at least at the boxoffice) are being underwritten by Ron Howard so his daughter can be a movie star...

She sure looks like him, doesn't she?
I wasn't even aware that she was his daughter until you mentioned it. But now you do, and now that I've ransacked IMDB to compare photos, I do see it. Quite dramatically, in fact. The Howard dynasty goes on.