eat baby

In which our hero drops a load

"I want a cheeseburger, hold the cheese."

Curious, I turned to see what kind of Einstein had just submitted that award-winning entry to Things my Pappy (who is also my cousin) Larn't Me. Sure enough, it was a young dude in the uniform of the day — sneakers, shorts, and ball cap.

His accent placed him as from the Southeast U.S. He looked and sounded like every young buck I had grown up with, coming out of Eloise and Wahneta, Florida.

He didn't look particularly happy, with his arms crossed tightly across his chest, mouth in a scowl and cap pulled down over his eyes. Frankly, he was one angry little cracker. He was complaining to his female companion about his construction job. He bellyached about one of his employees, who was calling him every few minutes. "Go ahead and get the fucking primer!" He demonstrated the situation. He protested about the homeowner, whose house he was apparently building, saying that the person was worrying about "non-issues" and if the homeowner wouldn't listen then he should go talk to the engineer. "Who's been in construction for years, you or me?" he asked rhetorically.

The arrival of his cheeseburger, which might have been a hamburger, quieted young Bob the Builder, but I could tell as the couple got up to leave, the woman paying, of course, that when they got home he would soundly beat her about the head and shoulders and go drinking with his buddies, watch Nascar and complain some more, much like I do here.

I haven't been posting because my mood has been swinging between desiring a long nap and wanting to climb to the top of a water-tower with a high-powered rifle. Not much middle ground. I think it's time to do something about that while I have health insurance.

I've been working from home quite a bit over the past several weeks. I'm not sure I have the discipline for that. Not having as much to do as usual might be a contributing factor. Idle hands are the devil's workshop, and all that. Things are picking up again, though, and I like it better when I'm busy.

I've been issued a new desk on the cube farm. Unfortunately, the guy across the way doesn't know what an indoor voice is. I can only take that frog mouth for a few minutes at a time so there's likely going to be snarky passive-aggressive behavior to follow unless I continue to work from home. And so I likely will. Telecommuting isn't officially condoned but I'm in such good graces with my boss that it shouldn't be a problem.

I've had more close calls with deer running across the road, here, than I did in six years in the woods of Northeast Pennsylvania. There's a trail down yonder, leading from the hills to the marsh, where the deer go, apparently, to eat the homeless who pass through. They don't stop and look both ways like the deer back east. Damn California deer.
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I want a cheeseburger, hold the cheese."

I want a cheeseburger - hold the cheese, bun, burger please! N
Yes you may. In addition, you may appropriate whatever office supplies you feel necessary to accomplish the company vision while working from home.
I'm sorry you're in a funk, although I have to say this entry is one of the best ones I have read today. Moody but mmm. You paint the scene with the cheeseburger brilliantly.
Pardon me while I channel Edina Monsoon but Thank you! Darling! Sweetie! To hear that from someone so very hip. Why, the zeitgeist blows from you, sweetie!
Well, it's true and I have EXCELLENT TASTE, too, if I may say so myself!
Also: "Why, the zeitgeist blows from you, sweetie!" Oh, I LOVE THAT! I am going to put it on my wall of blasphemy and praise.
Re: Well, it's true and I have EXCELLENT TASTE, too, if I may say so myself!
Be sure to credit Jennifer Saunders when you do.