angry purple

Dag nabbit!

Man, look at y'all next door, running that air conditioner. Try spending a summer in New Orleans with no A/C and we'll see how you do you driveway hollering, car horn honking, run the diesel engine in that loud ass pickup first thing in the morning, chain email about angels sending, play rap music in your little white sports car to piss off daddy, oughta be on Dr. Phil, badger faced twats!

And how in all get out did you get that air conditioner to play the percussive opening theme to Conan the Barbarian, you Jeff Foxworthy watching, "Git er Done" quoting, Nascar loving, you look like my first grade PE coach and that ain't no compliment, Red-Man toting, kill em all and let God sort 'em out attitude, fried chicken don't stand no chance of lasting more than five milliseconds amongst you fat-fingered, spandex wearing, why there ain't no statue of the Virgin Mary framed by a metal bathtub in your front yard I'll never know yokels!

Gosh dang it to heck!
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Are you upset about the noise from your neighbor's air conditioner or the use? Air conditioning + allergies = comfort . : ) N
I lived in Novato, one of the hottest spots in the Bay Area, for 23 years and never had AC (in fact, besides office buildings I worked in I never had AC at any point in living in the Bay Area, and I lived there for 34 years). In that time I felt the lack perhaps for a total of 10 days.

I keep the AC off on our SC house until the humidity gets bad. Heat can be lived with, that's what fans are for. Humidity will rot the house.

Yeah, I'm feeling a little smug at the moment. Your neighbors are wusses.