The Menlo

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Firstly, I love that icon.

It really is a compelling building, isn't it? I also wonder who lives there. It's right on the outskirts of Oakland Chinatown. A Google search reveals almost nothing except that it's still a hotel. There are a number of run down hotels in the area, some of which I've photographed and which will be appearing soon.

I don't know a thing about architecture but I do note that a lot of buildings of the period are built this way, with deep, I suppose they're called air shafts, presumably to promote ventilation before the advent of air conditioning.

I'll have to go back and get a frontal view. Plus, on the back, which is flat, is painted the word Menlo in huge letters. It's too bad I cut off the tip of the roof in this one.
I love this shot with the windows, some open, surely people live there--Koreans?

And the one gray car--beautiful shot!