In which our hero mourns another loss

Oh HBO. How could you do it? How could you break my heart again?

How could you end Rome after only two seasons? It's like Deadwood all over again. Oh, the majesty, the glory that was Rome.

HBO, don't you know that every time you end a brilliant series, like Carnivale or Six Feet Under, before it's time Jesus loses a finger? It's because my fierce and gruff Uncle Choppy bought his way into heaven from St. Peter and now it's cheap cigars and Narragansett clam shells everywhere, up there.

Frikkin' Uncle. Frikkin' HBO.
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will it be out on Netflix. We are in the process of watching Carnival which ends suddenly without a conclusion. For some reason, I really enjoy watching a series that never concludes. N
I really enjoy watching a series that never concludes
You know, I do too. There's something about seeing the characters just carry on. Makes me very melancholy, though.

I feel quite certain it will be on Netflix. Also, I wanted to photograph every single location in Carnivale.
*cough* Carnivale *cough*

Rome became my new addiction after I finished that one on DVD. They're probably bringing out some other fantastic show in the fall with plans to kill it 2 years from now, don't worry.
I feel like Six Feet Under lived a full and dignified life, but Carnivale was murdered as a teenager (like Dora Mae!).