boring brown

In which our hero displays his appalling lack of taste

I bought new furniture for the living room. I think it looked better in the showroom. Now that I have it here, I don't like it. The cats, however...

Apparently, the upholstery couldn't possibly be any more kitty friendly. As soon as they put their paws on the couch and chair they were both like, "Oh, oh, oooh OOHH oh, yeah. Oh yeah. *SHINK!* *SLASH! HACK! SLASH!*" I give the fabric about six weeks and the whole suite will be junk. My large primary cat likes the rug, too.

Also, I just realized that I chastise my cats just like an old woman. They start scratching the furniture and I go, "*clap hands* No, Webster! No, Darby! No! No! *clap hands*" Then I shake my finger at them severely and, naturally, pointedly. And you see that look Darby is giving me in the picture? That's the look I get. The feline version of WTF?

New furniture
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Oh good. You can sleep on it if you ever visit San Francisco. I just added some colorful throw pillows from that bastion of exotic good taste, Pier 1.
Yeah, my apartment in PA was very dark but this one has that big sliding door and large windows throughout. I like all the light as well.
Is not the purpose of furniture to please our little ones that allow us to live with them? It all looks very comfy. They should by happy now. N
You do have a point. My two little demons were lying together on the chair last night, and I heard them bounding across the new stuff and up the screen late last night. I clapped my hands and shouted "No!" from the bedroom, as if the beasts were attached to a Clapper (o/~ Clap on! Clap Off! o/~). I awoke with both of them curled into my armpits and the sofa cushions scattered to hell and back. And the fur! The FUR!
You may have struck upon an excellent business model. I could print this stuff, package it with some aspirin or acetaminophen, and sell it through vending machines in the restrooms of lounges and clubs. Right next to the condom dispensers in the guy's bathroom and next to the mace and rocket launcher dispensers in the ladies!