From the tin foil hat department

So, we went for Chinese food after karate last night. There was a guy there with long blond hair, a scraggly beard, and a leather jacket. At first I thought he was talking on a cell phone - he occasionally put his hand up to his ear - but closer examination revealed no sign of electronics. He wandered all around the restaurant, which was otherwise empty but for the staff and us sweaty people. He went in and out of the bathroom, too, but I don't think he dropped anything off while he was in there. He even tapped the front window when strangers walked by.

Things overheard from Loopy McNutcase -

"It's the medication. I can't eat grains with that."

"Morphine. It's always the morphine."

It really is always the morphine, ladies and gentlemen. I had morphine when I had my appendix out and an adhesion repaired. I was laying on a gurney in the emergency room wearing one of those ridiculous paper robes with no back end. Actually, I was wearing two, one forwards and one backwards (always thinking here, people). As expected, it was FREEZING in there. I had been there some ten hours already and nobody had been able to figure out what was wrong with me. Frankly, it just felt like a bad gas attack. It was probe and poke this, drink two bottles of chalky nasty stuff and have pictures of that. After midnight and shift change a young Indian (dot, not feather) doctor came in. She took one look and it was "You're admitted, oh yes indeedy." And then came the morphine drip. They plugged me in and I literally said, "Ooooh." I never said something like that before. I said it with PASSION. "Oooooh." It was good. I was fulfilled.

People, in my youth I tried a few mind altering substances. This was the first time I had a taste of what addiction could possibly be. I <3 morphine. I'm going to start dating med students. Ooooooh.
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Nurses can score it easier than a doctor. Surely you know this by now ;)