boring brown

In which our hero is bored out of his gourd

On the 7:53 train in to work I saw the man with the frog that lives in his throat, as usual. Actually, the dude is somewhat MR and he has an annoying tick in which he clears his throat once about every three seconds. "Unnh unnh urrgh unnh." Also, the man with the frog that lives in his throat has a habit of literally leaping into other peoples' conversations when he hears something in which he is interested.

People sitting together on the train: "peasandcarrotspeasandcarrotspeasandcarrots"
MWTFTLIHT, leaping out of his seat: "Unnh unnh Are you talking about the girl on the news?!? That girl was 17 years old and she died!!! urrgh unnh unnh"
PSTOTT: " ... "

When he stood up at the Pleasant Hill stop I kicked him through the open doorway hollering, "This is SPARTA!!!!" cause I'm all topical and stuff.

All right, women who work in offices. Why do you do it? Why do you badmouth your female coworkers behind their back and why do you tell it to your male coworkers? More specifically, why do you dish it to me? And what is it with y'all and meetings? "Oh god that meeting was so slow! We needed a guy in there to speed things up!" I'm sorry, what?

Jame GumbSo, who do you think was in front of me at the Starbucks line? That's right, Jame Gumb. Yeah, Buffalo Bill was ordering a mochafrappahalfcaffachino. "It puts some foam in at the end, or it gets the hose again." This guy who looked like Ted Levine, only on crack, was wearing an earring shaped like a guitar and dancing around while he waited for his order. He must be a musician. Which reminds me of the old joke: What do you call a bass player with no girlfriend? Homeless. Bwahahahahahahahashutup.

I got a mocha at Starbucks because I have such a problem with authority that I can't even follow my own directions when it comes to diet. I'm so defiant. I have the willpower of a three year old. Yesterday, I added turkey bacon to my breakfast because I loves me some bacon! Did you hear that markedformetal?. Firstly, turkey bacon tastes like fried balogna. Secondly, how do they get turkeys to taste like that? *hork* Well, at least I'm exercising regularly.

You know, it's not like I don't have work to do. Also, I need to make more userpics.
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I hear you loud and clear, brother man.

I think I'm gonna fry up a pan of bacon tonight. Not the turkey kind.