angry purple

In which our hero lists plusses and minuses

None of the stores in my neighborhood are selling my favorite toothpaste anymore, Close-up red gel! What am I supposed to scrub my pegs with now?

In a fit of pique I bought a bag of Mega M&M's. Also because I was having a serious chocolate Jones. Also because my cold seems to be trying for a fever. I worked from home (I really did work) the last couple days and I think I'll stay home tomorrow, too.

I saw 300 and The Host on Saturday. All the IMAX shows were sold out so I had to see 300 on a regular screen with the rest of the schmo's. Although 300 was visually arresting, overall it left me cold. The visuals could not salvage thudding dialog and predictable outcomes. Nevertheless, if you're going to see it, see it in the theater to fully enjoy the scenery. The Host, a Korean monster movie, on the other hand, was clever, funny, and very entertaining. The monster was done by a local FX company and they did a great job. I highly recommend this one.

In other good news, my promotion came through, with a nice little raise. Now I can afford that cardboard box I've had my eye on.
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The dialogue and plot aren't really worth faulting the movie for since most of the really trite lines are accepted as historically accurate. I'll let you know how the comic is once we stop hating JB's sister for long enough to dig out the boxes of his comics she's hidden in a closet.

Congrats on the raise and promotion!
I glanced through the comic and the movie follows the comic, visually, very closely. The back story is beefed up quite a bit, though
JB is a HUGE fan of the comic, so I am pretty stoked to read it. We definitely enjoyed the movie though.

also, I think you'll like this.
Nice job on the promotion and raise. Unfortunately the price of cardboard just went up so no new box for you. N