In which our hero plans his weekend

So, I still don't get why people religiously stand in line for the BART. It doesn't seem to accomplish much. Maybe, if the train is crowded, being first in line will get you a seat before all the rest of the poor schlubs climb on, but that's about all I can figure.

This morning, as always, I sat on the cement bench on the platform and read until the train pulled in and came to a stop, then I picked up my bag and headed for the nearest door line. A guy at the back of the line kept glancing at me sidelong, in a rigid, ready to get all up in my grill sort of way, as I approached, as if afraid I was going to cut. I laughed right in his cheap bomber jacket face.

Speaking of jackets, a skinny guy on the sidewalk in front of me, as I walked to my office, was wearing a tan sport coat with thin blue and white stripes and gigantic shoulder pads. He looked like a triangular circus tent with legs. I was like, "Dude, 1982 called and Robert Romanus wants his jacket back." I only mention all this because today I'm being a total snooty bitch.

Tomorrow is movie day. I'm going into the city and see 300 in IMAX and then I'm going to see that new Korean monster movie, The Host. I'm going early so I don't have to deal with too many of my fellow humans. Also, I shall totally cheat on my diet because I have no morals, willpower, or discipline. My excuse? I have a sore throat.
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Unrelated to your post, did you know about this: urbaniak (Mr. Urbaniak is the voice of Dr. Venture) which I found from reading buttler, buttler who I found from way back motel666 days and don't talk to much but find entertaining, no less? Mr. Buttler is in your area of the world but don't tell him I sent you because he would probably say, "uh, weird?"

Sorry for this oddness, comments unrelated to posts left for unsolicited linkage sent based on a feeling someone whose journal I am fond of might appreciate the linkage...
My weekend involves the gym and Walmart. Now, if I can find one more circle of hell to volunteer myself for, I'll be all set!

Enjoy your flicks and your break from regimented eating!
I also cheated on my diet, my excuse was that it's my time of the month. mwa ha ha!

So how awesome was 300? We went and we both absolutely loved it.
A sore throat!!How awful. I've heard that a large buttered popcorn, with a large, sugar filled coke is the best treatment available. LMK how Awesome the 300 is, esp. in IMAX. We don't have that available at all, so I'll have screen envy. R
Ah, well, the IMAX shows were sold out so I saw it on a regular screen. It's entertaining and visually interesting. Because of how lush it is, visually, it wouldn't do to wait until it's out on DVD. But it didn't knock my socks off in other respects. Also, there are a lot of hacked limbs flying about, just so you know.