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In which our hero wusses out

The woman who lives on the 19th St. platform was really irate today. Somebody totally took a dook in her Crispix.

I was up on the second floor so I couldn't really hear all of what she was saying but the volume was impressive. All I could hear was like, "bwapa wapa bapa bwapa FAGGOT! wapa bwapa bapa wapa MOTHER FUCKER!"

People would come around the corner and the woman who lives on the 19th St. platform would whip around and bwapa wapa bapa at them, and those yups would just stiffen up like the world's worst dose of Viagra. I could read their minds: "Just don't look at her. Just don't look. Keep walkingohcrapIlookedinhereyes!" bwapa FAGGOT!

Later, I heard what sounded very much like a Chinese lion dance coming down the street. But then it morphed into what sounded like Tejano music. Let me tell you sumpin' boss, that's a weird ass combination. I looked out the window and saw one of those big white rental tents set up in the parking lot across the street. A bunch of people in business casual attire were standing in an outdoor buffet line. I didn't have time to go down and see what was up and I wasn't invited anyhoo so, I dunno.

I did not win the lottery today but somebody did. On the news they were asking people what they would do with $355 million. One woman with big hoot owl crazy eyes said, "Foist, I would tithe to my choich, then I would hire the best divorce lawyer in New York, wooooo!" WTF?

I want to say that I do not appreciate lower body workout days at the gym. I am a gummi worm from the waist down! It's just disgusting.

Another thing I don't appreciate: skin tags.

However, I have taken an immediate liking to cottage cheese. I could eat a lot of that.

I've taken my man diploma off the wall.
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I need to win a lottery and not even a giant one, though that would be sweet but way more than I could possibly make do with. Let's get rich QUICK.