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In which our hero drops a mud monkey in his skivvies

The only item to report in tonight's mall report: Malls make the most astonishing noise when they are made to shift one foot north and then one foot south very rapidly. Like a big wooden box full of marbles. Like folding a train in half.

The proprietors of the bento shop in which I was having supper were like, WHAT... THE... EFF!!! They look at me like I'm the voice of reason and authority! I look back at them calmly and say, "Earthquake." Inside, I'm all, "aaaaiiieeyyaaaa!! wibble wibble wibble!!" And the USGS says it was just a 1.3 microquake. Fuckin' planet Earth.

ETA: I misread the map at the USGS site. What I felt was actually a 4.2, one of a couple events in the same spot at about the same time.
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Hey, a micro quake. That fact that you felt must have been right on top of it.
I took another look at the USGS site and realized there were several events recorded on the same spot. The one I actually felt was a 4.2 which makes more sense. I was six miles from it.