I'm so confused!

I went to the mall in Allentown, PA today. Sociologically speaking, it was interesting. I don't go to the mall very much anymore and I really should, just for the entertainment value.

Firstly, where do the gangsta's get their clothes? I was in line at McDonalds and this white guy, who looked sort of like Eminem but without the hard candy shell, waltzes in wearing this orange felt, or fleece... I dunno... outfit with matching ball cap. Of course, the outfit, and the t-shirt under it were 10 sizes too big. So I ask, where do you get clothes like that? Are the crips and bloods shopping at the Big & Tall shop? I'm out of touch. I'm 44 years old. I'm a fogey. I don't keep up with this stuff.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the guy wearing a black leather jacket and pajama pants with sneakers. I guess he was making a fashion statement because he walked up and down the same stretch of corridor about four times while I sat and sipped my soda.

Another thing, what's with the cutsey names for the stores? If I go to a kiosk named Baked Beans, I expect to get baked beans. If I go to a store named Wet Seal I expect a seal ready to be skinned and eaten. If I go to a store named American Eagle Outfitters I expect to be outfitted for an American eagle, including a clause for plastic surgery in the event of a horrible eagle accident.

I couldn't take it anymore and had to flee to a bastion of sanity - the local Borders, where I'm posting this now. I may move to Allentown in the near future so I need to know what I'm in for.

Oh, I also went to check out this bird refuge I'm thinking of giving my parrot to. I just don't have the time to give my parrot the attention she needs. I'm also a firm believer that birds should be with other birds. Plus it's going to be tough enough finding an apartment with two cats much less a noisy parrot. Well, this lady lives in a row house and has about 8 birds. The birds seemed to be in good shape but the lady living there appears to be a wack job. I don't know if I want to give my bird to her. I'm going to go back for another visit before I decide. She may be one of these that is more attuned to animals than people. We'll see. I knew lots of those when I was a zookeeper and I had no concerns about animals in their hands. I'm a wack job myself, I oughta know.
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I'll be damned. I have a neglected parrot too, but he was neglected when I got him and had been shuffled through various different owners. I feel bad giving him away.

It's tough though, because when I first got him I worked from home. Now, all he has for company when I'm at the office are dogs -- who could care less.

And people who do that call and response thing with him from the supermarket parking lot outside my window.