Life in a cave ain't so bad

I have been absent due to an extreme case of winter melancholy. Worst I've ever had, and aggravated by months of working obsessively, developing a series of web-based training modules. I've not gone anywhere on weekends and my world has been nothing but the train, my office, and then the train back home. How dismal! Nothing worth posting about. Now, though, the trees outside my apartment window have buds, flowers and leaves, seemingly in an instant. Spring rains seem to have arrived, and it's much warmer. Frogs are croaking their little hearts out for love. I'm able to see what's going on around me again.

The first thing I see is the morning news. The local CBS affiliate is alright. The morning anchor is an old curmudgeon and makes fun of everything. Exactly what I need before my daily cup of coffee. I could do without the woman who does weather. Her fake perkiness is anathema. Sometimes I'm running late and the national news slips in. A miasma of emotional manipulation and celebrity sightings masquerading as news, coupled with the pharmaceutical companies' best efforts to convince you that you're going to die tomorrow from heartburn, dry skin, and lack of sleep if you don't take their wonder drugs.

In the news, recently: astronauts who went to Pluto and never came back. The details are old news now but it just goes to show you that all the money and all the education and all the intelligence doesn't change the fact that human beings all still have that reptile brain deep down inside telling them to kill the competition and maybe eat it, too. But, let's just look at what this rocket jockey brought with her from Houston to Florida -- a new mallet, some rubber tubing, a folding knife, a BB gun, and some pepper spray. What, exactly, was she going to do with these implements? Duck Dodgers says she was going to scare the rival for her amorous affections. John Law says it was attempted moidah! Thunderbirds are go! I'm just wondering how long it will be before some jackass in Homeland Security starts putting out advisories when a space shuttle flies overhead. Will it become illegal to wear adult diapers while operating a motor vehicle? Experience suggests somebody will propose it.

Getting back to the innuendo and gossip fest known as the national news: Just yesterday, the death of Anna Nicole Smith. It took those vultures just five minutes to start comparing her to Marilyn Monroe. There is no comparison, I'm afraid, other than bleach-blond hair and the possibility of a lethal cocktail of prescription and non-prescription drugs, perhaps sold by the same pharmaceutical companies that tell me to ask my doctor if Propecia is right for me. The CBS Early Show was already selling Anna Nicole's death like it was JFK. Who knows, maybe, like Marilyn Monroe may have been, Anna Nicole was rubbed out by the Kennedys.

I think I'm better off with the winter melancholy.
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Interesting that you move to CA and get worse blues than you did in the upper east
Yes, that had occurred to me as well. I can only attribute it to winter being prettier in the NE. Here it's just cold and dreary.
hi! missed you and your lovely anecdotes! but i guess you missed being out'n'about and able to collect therm even more!
Yeah, there is a lot of depressing stuff going down these days, it seems.

Still, I miss your internetting time. more!
seaslug of DOOOOM oom... oom... oom...

There there lay your head on Uncle Auntie Morticia's shoulder and let me pet your slimy little head.

psst if it's any consolation, I've got it bad too but I still can't see the colors around me but I hope to wake up soon and they will be there

I miss you my friend and I'm glad to see your words on my screen.
The guy I watch in the morning is John Kessler. Their website says he started with them in 2002 but that he's been in the Bay Area for 15 years. Before that he was in radio. I'm not surprised. He has that confrontational air about him. No patience for bullshit. Very refreshing.
spring has yet to show nary an ankle here. what little snow we did accumulate sits blackened by car exhaust; the jagged curb crusts remind me of those pictures of meth-mouth. all around me people say we shouldn't be complaining of the piercing cold snap now entering week four (because, they say, we had it so good for so long) and for a while, I tried to believe them and held my tongue. enough of that. it's corrosive to any reasonable soul.

but look here! the seaslug is back and this does make me smile.

i won't tarnish your journal by ranting about those fools comparing ans to the monroe except to say that they were so stupidly doing so before she died.

welcome back and please stay sprung.
Re: hi
Tarnish all you want. Your opinions are always cogent and I value them. Loved your Matt story. It seems familiar to me.
Re: hi
it seems familiar because i wrote it ages ago and likely sent you a very rough copy ~4 years ago. i've been slogging through old documents on my laptop which miraculously came to life. the matt story was one i transferred from my (much) older laptop and gave it a polish.
I swear, Anna Nicole is more of a spectacle dead than she was alive.

I feel sorry for the baby, though. She'll never be able to call her soul her own. Her entire life is going to be a game of tug-the-bone between the dogs of her mother's husband's family and whoever finally gets proven as her father and, no matter what happens, she'll have to live with the karma of the results. Poor mite.
Hooray! I'm happy to see my Navanax back! I missed you, and thought about you often. I even considered sending you an email or two, but remembered how awkward I sound.

I'm seriously pissed at Anna Nicole Smith. This is partially due to the comparison to Marilyn Monroe, but mostly because she's taking attention away from Crazy Astronaut Lady, my new hero.

My uncle offered to fly me out to California for a long weekend sometime within the next month or two. Maybe we can meet up.