Hippo Gnu Deer

The New Year approaches. An hour away now. As I do every holiday season I've spent most of my off time cooped up in my apartment, waiting for it all to be over, so I've had nothing interesting to report and no good pictures. I'll be visiting Santa Rosa on the 8th, however, and maybe I'll be able to pull something out of that.

My work hours have been incredibly busy. I've been building web based training content using a program called Captivate to create Flash files. Interesting to me, and time consuming, but a good LJ post it does not make.

What a year it's been. This time last year I was dealing with snowstorms and the Wildebeest. With the coming of Spring one door closed and another opened, with much angst, yielding up the best paying work I've ever had in my life. The Wildebeest was replaced by Squeaky Bed Sandy.

I drove across the amazing countryside of this North American continent for the fourth time, and settled into my new home. I found out that Californians are the worst drivers evar, and bought my first new car in 10 years.

I can hear a live band playing from one of the bars in Martinez, a few blocks away. There's no way I'm leaving the quiet and solitude of my little apartment. A couple of large firecrackers have been set off, causing Squeaky to whip open her sliding glass door and look for someone to bark at. I don't know if the town has sprung for fireworks again, or if Martinez will see the New Year in with just a stagger of drunken bikers.

It's two minutes to midnight and so I will wish you all a very Happy New Year.
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