We have been to the Monterey Aquarium. Kristie lived in Santa Cruz for a few years. The jelly fish were great. Of course our pictures of them were not. Yours are. N
Instead of cluttering up CoB's LJ, I'm putting my reply to your comment... here, in your LJ. :-)

being too wordy in communications.

I feel I'm in the same category. And I compound the *terror,* by using things like -sigh- and -grin- and etc.

But damnit, I also hate mis-communication. I figure, use all that's needed, to try to avoid it. Because some mis-communication happens, no matter what.

Just letting you know [in an unneeded and wordy comment -grin-] that I resonate with your words. [in CoB's LJ, that is]

And I do love your pictures, btw.
Re: OT
People posting on the internet had the right idea decades ago when they started using emoticons or smileys in their communications. Big business could take a clue. I think you're on the right track. -simpering smile-
Jellyfish Heaven
Where jellyfish go
To get away from Mormons
And drunk Eskimos
Jellyfish Heaven is a lot