I think I've been house hunting too long, all I can think is "I wonder if it's for sale?"
Not so's I noticed. Prime real estate, too. River front property, surrounded by vineyards. Might be hainted, though.
i'm spookified! i also spent most of yesterday watching horror flicks with a terrific wind storm howling through the windows here.
Re: Oooo!
I've never been able to countenance the possibility of ghosts in the middle of a city, no matter how dilapidated the structure. Ghosts do not have urban sensibilities. Just zombies.
Re: Oooo!
That's interesting; I imagine ghosts are all over cities. Neat picture, by the way.
Ohhh what a beautiful house. Well, it was and could be, that is. It's almost painful for me to look at it, in this neglected condition though.

Yes, it is painful, for me to look at it thus. -sighhhhhhh-
When I consider the awful quality and craftsmanship of modern homes, it really chaps my hide to see a beautiful old home like this going to seed. I wish I could have seen the inside.