Great photo. How do you do black and white photos? We have a digital camera and it takes color. Do we buy a digital camera that only takes black and white? There is an abandoned train yard in our town that we want to take photos of. N
There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. The camera itself may have a feature that allows you to take black and white. I prefer to change the photos to black and white in software. The software that came with your camera may be able to do this.

In the past I had used a free, downloadable, program called The Gimp. Quite powerful and, thus, somewhat complex. Currently, I use Photoshop, the de facto standard for many years. Expensive and also quite complex. Photoshop's smaller, and much more reasonably priced brother, Photoshop Elements, would accomplish this, as well. Photoshop Elements ships with some cameras these days, but you can purchase it for around $100 or less. I believe the program is quite good and there are a lot of books and web sites covering it.
it may be sad but i am laughing because after reading the title then scrolling down to the full photo, the first thing my eye saw was "JOANN" and as i still frequent that old scroll'y place, ...well, i'm sure you get what i mean. another fine photo, mr. slug.
Unless you're an urban spelunking skate boarder!
Great photo.
Is that the mall in Oakland...the name escapes me...Foothill? Hilltop? It had been on the skids forever. I kept hoping the management would turn it around.
Shopping center in Pleasant Hill, on Monument Blvd. Wracking my brains for the name of it but it escapes me. I went to the CineArts dome theater there to see Last King of Scotland, and then saw this empty corridor.
No, that's a few miles up 680. This is on Monument Blvd. in Pleasant Hill. The shopping center still has a Kohl's and a Bally's Fitness, and used to have Montgomery Wards as an anchor store. There's a bar next door to the dome theater called the Loaded Hog. The back door of the bar opens into the mall, though, and has a sign that reads Sailor's Inn.