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The Departed!

I just got back from Martin Scorsese's The Departed and you need to SEE THIS FILM!!!!

Get up! Right now! Turn off your computer and go NOW. If the theaters are already closed in your area then you need to get on a plane and go to where the theaters are still open. If you have to wait and save up money for a plane ticket then watch it as the in-flight movie. If you just can't afford a flight and it's late at night, then you need to go right now, break into your local theater, learn how to use the projector, spool up the film and WATCH IT! RIGHT NOW! If the police come and arrest you then you need to make bail and go see the film. If you can't make bail and you get convicted then you need to stay in prison until they show the film to the inmates. If you have already served your time before the film is being show in prison then you need to commit another crime so as to stay in prison, because the film will have left theaters by then.

Or you could just get the DVD.

Go see it.
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i heard the whole thing was disappointing except for mark wahlberg. what did you think of him?
Mark Wahlberg did an outstanding job in a supporting role. After all, he was on his home turf and, so, was able to give one of the most authentic performances. Which is not to say that any of the other performers did poorly. Far from it.

I've always been a fan of Scorsese's work, and I will say that it is not his absolute best, but it is up there and if he doesn't get an Oscar out of this, finally, then Hollywood can just suck it.
someone invited me to go see this movie earlier this afternoon! weird timing, huh? i loved how smarmy and obnoxious walhberg was. i also really liked how he popped back in at the end although i wish he had had a bigger role.
XD 'you need to make bail and see this film' lol!
this is some review. i laughed i cried it became a part of me. hmmmmm, this or Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson.
and you need to SEE THIS FILM!!!!

I love the way you show your enthusiasm for this film. I do! This is the coolest paragraph of ennnnnnnnnthusiasm, I've read in ages!