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The things coffee do and do not do

The tall thin barista fellow with the scraggly beard in Chachie’s coffee shop has taken to making pleasing designs in the foam of my morning coffee, perhaps because I’ve become a regular, perhaps because he finds me attractive, certainly not because of my sunny disposition that early in the morning. He goes out of his way either to point out the designs or to specifically leave the lid off the cup until I notice. To make him happy I exclaimed politely over the design in this morning’s coffee.

“Oh, a heart!” I said.

“Getting a little artistic on a Friday.” he replied.

We’ll be getting married in the Spring.

This morning’s first all consuming cube chatter: “I bought half a dozen nectarines; I ate five of them last night. You can’t have enough nectarines.” Consensus on the part of other cube dwellers was swift and unanimous: “Yeah, uh huh, mmhmm, yup.” It occurs to me, however (having no cube life of my own) that, apparently, one can have enough nectarines since the gentleman in question ate only five of his purchased six. All this and a salary, too, chief.

For further entertainment, most every day I go to the Coffeeshop SR71, which, in addition to serving coffee, smoothies, and munchy crunchy cereal in plastic cups, is a medical marijuana dispensary. It’s one of four such in Oakland, in an area of the city sometimes dubbed Oaksterdam. The clients are checked at the door for their doctor permission slips and then allowed to go into the back room to collect their smoke-ables and edibles. Very few of the clients look particularly sick or in pain to me — scruffy maybe, but not sick — but I’m no doctor.

Of course, the reason it’s so entertaining for me is because I look absolutely nothing like one of their clients, but, rather, more like one of their adversaries, and so the staff get nervous when I’m in the store buying my mocha or my café au lait. Today the college-age kid at the door started whistling the James Bond theme song while I was there, as if to warn of a spy in their midst, and the barista had the knowing smile/smirk she always adopts when I come by. The staff members all look so earnest and many of them have that bright shiny-eyed gleam of the true believer. It’s particularly fun to go in there right now because the DEA raided an office building around the corner only two days ago. I might have to start going twice a day.

Recently, I started taking a multi-vitamin. I also started taking SAM-e again. Over the past several days, and earlier each day, I’ve been getting some of the symptoms one usually experiences from too much caffeine, particularly a heaviness around the heart, plus more alertness and a bit of skittishness. I’m wondering if the pills are the cause because I don’t get caffeine buzzes from the amount of coffee I drink. I may stop the daily coffee to see what that does.
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I look absolutely nothing like one of their clients, but, rather, more like one of their adversaries,

You mean, like a narc?

I shall buy you a box of the most delicious nectarines for your wedding!

I always check out supplements and such on
I don't see SAMe mentioned on there but I know they are way behind in research because of the sheer number of new products.

And yes, you are hopelessly cop-looking and handsome ;)