In which our hero appreciates architectural history

I. Magnin

The glittering, art deco, beetle green, terra cotta I. Magnin building, built in 1928. What a year for architecture. The picture doesn't do it justice.

I. Magnin's was an upscale department store, on a par with Bergdorf's, Sak's, and Neiman Marcus. Begun in the 1870's, by Mary Ann Magnin, and named after her husband, Isaac, the chain was the pinnacle of excellence for over 100 years until Macy's purchased them and ran them into the ground. The Oakland store closed in 1995.

Oakland is alive with history.
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Umm... check your post title.

Also, I've been enjoying the photography very much.
Really enjoy your photos. As often as I was out to visit I never saw Oakland. Even when K lived in Oakland. We went other places. It looks like a really great city. N
I loved shopping there because it was one store with real windows, and real sunlight.
Is anything being done with that building?
Unknown. It's really quite a historic district what with the Paramount right next door, and the Fox around the corner. Several historic buildings right there. Sears is still across the street.