Friday Bonus Post

I just had a really mediocre meal at an Italian restaurant nearby. I think I'm spoiled from living in the Northeast for so long.

TGIF because, after stopping at Wal*Mart for milk and cereal, I reached my human interaction saturation point. I am silently bugling the Futurama robot mantra, "Kill all humans." And don't you just know Gort from The Day the Earth Stool Still is on the magic picture box right now.

This all reminds me of the woman I saw at the food court in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, last night. She was having a great deal of difficulty with a ketchup (catsup) dispenser and wearing a yellow t-shirt with the words "Who's Your Daddy" across the chest. I knew, at the time, that it was time to go home when I began wishing she had an ankle biter hanging off her extensions just for my own amusement.

And now your reward.

Oakland City Hall
Oakland City Hall
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I love that movie.

Also, you're a really good guy. Thank you so much for your donations. we really appreciate it.

living in the Northeast spoiled me for so many foods, esp now living in MN. glad i didn't eat out culturally more often in NYC or i'd be reallyreally sad!
but at least i can get good HotDish...
what most people call a casserole.
it seems to always involve a can of Cream of ________ (mainly Cream of Mushroom, but variety is ok)...and if it is topped with Tater Tots, bonus points to the maker!
I AM that woman in the yellow t-shirt and I DO have...well, I guess she's technically grown enough to bite my face off...but a child nonetheless.

OK, I'm not. If I were caught in public with a shirt with that logo, and my mom found out about it, I have little doubt that she'd be on the next plane to Denver to personally kick my ass for being a moron.

Anyway, it appears as though we share the same disdain for the public at large, although I do not share your obsession with goths. I kinda wish I did, though. The best I am able to produce, thought-wise, when confronted with a goth is, "I wonder if he calls himself Ozreal?"

Lovely photo, as always.

As for the food, being raised in North Dakota has given me no higher expectations than Lutheran potluck fare. My new bosses are bent on expanding my very narrow horizons. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get fired if I don't eat some Ethiopian food soon.
If you had been wearing a shirt that said "Who's Your Daddy?", while standing alongside your child, your mother would have been right to do so, though she likely would have sensed it psychically and teleported.

I wonder if he calls himself Ozreal?
I rather miss the exotic goths of tiny Hazleton, particularly the heavily mascara'd goth in the sheer pink shirt named Spider, and his adoring orange haired, big adams-appled side-kick.