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Mall report

I heard from my boss, yesterday. She finally got approval to take me in-house. That means at least a couple years of steady work, I reckon, if I don't screw up. Still waiting to sign on the dotted line. Should be seeing a pay increase and bonuses, plus now I'll have a decent health plan. If they ever finish the paperwork. Meanwhile, my contract is extended til they do. Regardless, yay me.


I celebrated by going into the city to attend the opening day of the new Westfield San Francisco Centre on 5th and Market; site of the old Emporium. I walked off the BART and into a Starbucks and a Borders Express. Ah, the comforting familiarity of chain stores. Jamba Juice had a line running 10 yards out the door.

Since it was after 6pm the crowds were large but not Japanese subway insane. The people looked to be mostly locals. Young women in smart outfits, their hair in pony-tails and fierce looks in their eyes, walked in and out of Bloomies. Herds of young and middle aged men strolled in pairs. Walrus-type and handlebar mustaches were common. The gangsters and the wannabes were wearing their best oversize t-shirts and ball caps. Eyeing them nervously were the many many security guards, their awful cop ‘staches all bristly and their asses puckered tighter than a New Zealand sheep’s. Nearby stood the suits, fresh from business school, young, earnest, eyes roaming everywhere and little radios in their hands, trying to insure that the mall didn’t burn down on its first day of operation. Models had been standing in display windows earlier in the day, pretending to be mannequins. They had since moved into the mall corridors, standing on pedestals and looking disgusted with everything.

Then I saw him, not far from the Hot Topic: Rock, my first goth of the season! Solitary, possibly on his way south for the winter, his plumage consisted of a thin red mohawk and the de rigueur black clothing. I just don’t know where the goths flock out here.


Eight stories tall, the first five floors of the mall were accessed by curving escalators and banks of elevators. The top three floors all belonged to Nordstroms. The directory signs had interactive touch screens that guided one, step by step, to one’s destination. There were musicians on almost every floor, creating a bit of a cacophony. Whatever upscale boutiques weren’t already represented in Union Square, up the street, were represented here, Bloomingdales being the big deal. The new cineplex was showing classic movies filmed in San Francisco — 48 Hours, What’s Up Doc?, Bullitt and so forth — $5.00, all you could view. And 50¢ popcorn. If it hadn’t been so late by the time I discovered this I would have loved to have seen What’s Up, Doc? on the big screen. As it was, I just wanted to wander and see if anything interesting was happening. I should have gone out onto the street.

Am I the only person who doesn’t shop at all when in a mall?
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Steady work AND health insurance--sounds good to me! The mall thing sounds cool, especially the movies. It's too bad they don't have that every day, although I'm sure you'd get tired of What's Up, Doc? eventually.
lovely pics, indeed.

yay, you!

i walk through the mall to get to the subway often without buying anything. the food court is the saddest place of all; i never see it busy.

dude, dressing hip hop style is not gangster wannabe. trust me on this. it's this belief that has seen j. suffer pure shit from some of those uptight cops here. being thrown up against a cop car, frisked and spoken to like a piece of shit - at age 13 - because he was wearing baggy clothes and "looked like some kid they got called about regarding use of a paintball gun". walking while black & baggy is what it was and we got an apology, eventually.
dressing hip hop style is not gangster wannabe
Ah, thank you, I learned something. From now on I will no longer refer to them as gangsters or wannabe's but, rather, as the aughts version of leisure suit wearing disco lovers.