Team America is the shit

I want to tell you, I really love wireless internet. How else could I sit here in the bathroom taking an awesome shit and write in my LJ at the same time? The backsplash right now is incredible. It's like the bidet I never had.

And speaking of awesome shit I just got back from Team America: World Police. Freedom isn't free, people! It carries a hefty fucking fee! Freedom costs a buck oh five. Which is a lot less than you'll pay to see this movie with ticket prices being what they are. Unless you download it on the wireless internet for free while taking an awesome dump. Stop stealing movies you terrorist fag thieving bastards!

America, fuck yeah! If you don't watch out, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and other genius satirists won't be able to make fart jokes and continue to hold Alec Baldwin in high esteem, so get out and vote this November! This is America! Keep it free for Starbucks, porno, valium, reeboks, fake tits, Taco Bell, the internets, fuck yeah!

But getting back to the movie. I was the only person in the 4.40 pm show and I have to tell you --
I'm So Ronery
I'm so ronery
So ronery
So ronery and sadry arone
Right now
Only a woman
Can brighten up my day
Only a woman
Can do it just the right way
Only a woman
Should be doing that right now
I just want you to be a woman
Please just be a woman
Or a man...

Meanwhile, get out and see this film. And stay through the end credits for a bonus track from Kim Jong Il. Also --
Always fade out in a montage,
If you fade out, it seem like more time
Has passed in a montage,
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