I am typically not emotional

kato9tales's father was in touch with me again today, making arrangements for me to meet with his wife, kato9tales's mother, so I could return kato9tales's camera.

Arrangements made, I went to kato9tales's apartment where I met her mother and some friends of theirs. As I entered the apartment building, kato9tales's mother stepped into the hall to direct me to the apartment itself. I was immediately struck by the physical similarity between mother and daughter. The same short hair and a certain kind of lankiness. It hit me hard for some reason.

When I introduced myself, a friend of kato9tales's from graduate school commented that kato9tales's had talked about me. "Oh dear." I responded. Everyone laughed about the fact that kato9tales talked about everything. If she knew you, she would tell everyone else she knew about you. I say everyone laughed, but it was one of those laughs where you all share a funny memory and then suddenly realize that there will be no more memories about that particular thing ever again. I saw that realization on everybody's face. I could feel it on my face. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay and talk at all.

As I looked down at kato9tales's two pugs, Max and Abby, panting obliviously with their little pug face smiles, and as I looked around at the apartment, crowded with the bric-a-brac of a short but brilliant life, I was completely overcome. So, I turned and fled, offering polite but hurried goodbyes to her mother.

I don't know why the death of a virtual stranger is affecting me so much.

I'm given to understand that kato9tales's mother and father, who opened an LJ account called nancy_and_rich to maintain communications with kato9tales friends, have been receiving harassment from members of fake_lj_deaths. I haven't been able to see the harassment first hand, but kato9tales's father seemed very upset on the phone, when he called me from Minnesota. I do hope someone will intervene. Any lingering doubts I might have had about this situation were completely allayed tonight.
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I don't know why the death of a virtual stranger is affecting me so much.

For the same reason I'd like to hug you until it passes. There aren't any rules to compassion and empathy.
I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.

And I'm very sorry her parents are having to deal with any unpleasentness here on LJ in what must be an unbearably sad time for them.

I hope you all find comfort in the coming days.
All I can do is reiterate how sorry I am for the loss of your friend.
I'm sorry to hear your friend has died. LJ friends are very dear to me, and a loss of one of mine would be hard.
We are preparing a memorial for her this coming weekend. I think about her every day. This is so wrong.