kato9tales died Tuesday afternoon. I currently have no reason to doubt the veracity of the person who told me.

I first came to know kato9tales through markedformetal's flist, only a couple of weeks ago. She had seen I was living in Martinez and was surprised that there could possibly be anyone else in this little town who had an LJ.

We exchanged comment threads in her LJ and mine and, not long after, because of kato9tales's friendliness and outgoing personality, met for beers. Twice, as a matter of fact.

kato9tales had a doctorate in Philosophy and was a practicing attorney. She was happy to boast that nobody could out-chat her and she could speak on any number of topics with equal fluency. "I know a lot about sidewalks." she told me once as we were walking down a quiet Martinez street. She knew a lot about a lot of things.

Her cleverness and sense of humor were readily apparent in her comments and in her LJ entries. In those two brief times we met in meatspace her brilliance shined out of her like a pulsar amongst nebulous clouds.

The world in general, and my life in particular, are darker with her loss.

I have lost my first, and so far only, Martinez friend.
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That's so unfortunate. I'm so sorry for the loss of someone who seems to have been a truly wonderful person.
Yes. She is dead. And a letter I wrote her is sitting on my kitchen table, addressed and ready to be mailed.

I miss her. I wish I'd known her better. I wish we could have hung out.

I'm sad and mad that she had to die when so many other people get to live on, obliviously. Mad that she'll never eat bacon again, or take another long hot bath (two things we discussed our love for).

I have to hope she is in heaven. And that heaven is full of Philosophy bath products and that good bacon she told me to get at Trader Joe's.

That's essentially the same reason that I'm angry; that a person with such potential was whisked away in just seconds.

That you can maintain faith under such circumstances amazes me. All this event does is reinforce my nihilism. Life is pointless and without meaning. Things happen for no reason and then you die. That's it. Period.

What a waste.
We can't know what happens to the energy that sustains our physical meat-ness after the meat dies.

I have to believe that since energy is neither created or destroyed--that it simply moves--that it goes somewhere, even when we don't know where that somewhere is. How arrogant we are, to think that because we don't know where it does, that it simply evaporates!

No. I think that the energy that was specifically Kristie is somewhere. And if I missed meeting her in this world, I have to think I'll have a second chance.

I'm sorry for your loss, dear. My friend Kirk (drag queen from my party) has been dead for two months today. Like your friend, I didn't get to spend nearly enough time with him and had not known him long at all.
Oh, my. I only just read this now. And we so recently spoke about how nice it was for you to have found a friend in your new town.

I'm sorry for your loss. You've experienced far too much of it for a man of your age. I knew she was special because you thought so.