Since it is difficult to join them together, it is safer to be feared than to be loved....

I had a most interesting time while working down in Mechanicsburg this weekend. My boss made things interesting. Now, I don't have very advanced political skills and I don't believe my boss does either. But because my political skills are so poor, I'm not really sure.

My boss has been taking pains to court my favor. This is clear. Saturday night he treated me to dinner. His wife came too and, again, I'm not certain, but I think she was there to assess me. Or, whether she was there specifically to assess or not, at the very least any impression she formed would be one to which my boss would be inclined to listen. My boss and his wife are very very close. My boss also engineered it so that, while I was working this weekend, I had the easiest job. And he did it in such a way that it was clear to everyone there that he personally was ordering it.

See, the guy running that particular site had set me up with one of the less desirable jobs at first. Today my boss, who is the boss of all, outlined my easier duties in front of the whole crew. A couple people looked at me like, "How does he rate?" So, my poor political skills make me wonder because I can't tell -- Did he do this on purpose to send a message? Or was he unaware of the possibility of generating resentment against me? Did he set me up into a position where people will feel the need to try and curry favor? Or was he clueless? My recent postings about him here suggest the latter. Nevertheless, I should probably act in such a way as to suggest that I expect others to try and curry favor with me because my boss favors me. Or am I being politically naive?

Like I said, it made things interesting. I could use advice.
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Yes, this was the same one who put an ad in the newspaper to fill my position before it had even been established that I was leaving. Thus my belief that he is not politically maneuvering now but, rather, making more errors.
I'd go with the stupidity/nice factor. He's felt comfortable enough to tell you he's not happy in his job and, I think, he appreciates your skills. The appreciation, of course, has nothing to do with his stupidity.