More facets of Martinez

In the search for a decent grocery store I went down to the Safeway in town, tonight. Strike 3, I'm afraid. They did have the Barilla spaghetti sauce I like, though.

It's strange that I just spent five years in a small town in a rather undeveloped part of Pennsylvania yet I had a healthy choice of big supermarkets in which to shop. Now I'm living in a rather urban area and yet the three closest markets are small and run down. I may have to do my grocery shopping in Sacramento before I come home from work.

One thing I do love, though, is grocery shopping at night, especially late at night. People wear just any old thing they can throw on. It's like the grocery is an extension of their kitchen when it's dark out. Pajama bottoms, dirty clothes, whatever.

In the checkout line at Safeway, tonight (No self checkout. That's my grocery store deal-breaker these days), the couple ahead of me were speaking in a language I simply didn't recognize at all.

And that's something I'm rather liking about the Bay Area is the eclecticism, if I can be allowed to go off on a tangent for a moment. There are so many races and languages represented in such a tiny area, unlike the seemingly homogenous culture I just left.

Anyway, the couple ahead of me were having an intense discussion, the woman in her pajama bottoms (see?), the man thin lipped and arms crossed. He looked like the dictator of a small country for some reason. Behind me a man was purchasing only two items: a big can of one of those sodas that pretend to be energy drinks and a bottle of multi-colored antacid pills. Typical late night fare in the grocery.

I had a beer with kato9tales at a local watering hole this evening, until we were run out by the startup of the band and the whooping and hollering of the few locals, and she told me about some of the weirdness that goes on in my new home town. I'm beginning to think this may be our alien overlords' home base. But I love weirdness so I'm more excited than ever to be living here.

It may be wishful thinking (since I've been saying I wanted to live by the ocean again) on my part, but my new home town has a real beach town feel to me. I guess it started when internautte commented that my apartment looked like a beach house (and it does) but I was also getting that feeling in the bar tonight, too. The town is on the Carquinez Straight, between two bays, after all, and has a marina. Oh well, who cares.

I need to get busy opening boxes. I want to get the kitchen things put away and find my wireless router. I'm tired of being unable to move freely about the apartment while I LJ.
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Suggestions for shopping...

You're not too far from Pleasanton, I recall the stores there were nice enough.

Make the journey to Berkeley Bowl once in a while, you'll be glad you did.

I think there is a Whole Foods not too far from you. I'll go google that later.

Yeah, get used to folks shopping in their pj's, what-have-you. That's one thing about the Bay Area I don't miss. And no, you don't want to know what people wear to run into 7-11. It's scary.

Look up your local farmer's market schedule. You will find delights there that will amaze and astound you. Really. The farmer's markets are one thing I miss about the Bay Area, I miss them very much.
Its a blessing to feel so at home and grateful to be living somewhere - congratulations ;)
Nope, no further pictures at the moment, though it's so beautiful outside, and the waterfront park is so busy, I may have to wander over there to see if I can find the bocce ball courts and forego laundry until later.