Alright, suck it up

Yesterday, in the fading light, with the sun going down behind the Rocky Mountains, which loomed ahead, dark and hunching and in a purple the color of an angry painful bruise; with the wide open, seemingly empty, gloaming land and the huge, overarching, cloud-filled, colorful but sinister seeming sky, in my stuttering car I felt as exposed as a bug on a flat rock while God played the part of the neighbor child (you know, that neighbor child), holding another flat rock over my head, waiting to squash me flat.

In the overcast light of morning I can find it easier to be cheerful. Now, the country is beautiful again and I can see the positive.

Last night, the cats smelled other animals in the carpet and they reveled in it, rolling around on their backs. They were both calm and relaxed and both used the litter box. Yesterday, although the small backup cat, Darby, started the day grumpy, they both traveled well, sleeping through most of the day and hopefully they'll do the same today. We'll take it slow, going over the mountains, and if we do break down we have AAA and probably enough money for a simple repair. We went over these passes once before, coming from the Utah side and, although it was a little steep on that side going up, maybe it won't be so bad going up on this side. The car should take it. Besides, the map marks it as a scenic view, as well it might, and there should be pull-offs to take pictures if the car needs a rest.

We're ready. Off we go for another day. We're still on schedule for a Tuesday arrival.
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