Hopefully the last plane flight for awhile

Having finally acquired an apartment this week, I am now in Oakland Int'l Airport waiting for the red eye back to Pennsylvania where I will spend the next week packing, shipping, and driving my stuff back to California.

If anything interesting happens I will update periodically in this post. Since I'll be flying overnight and stopping for an hour in Las Vegas something interesting should happen. I hope.

Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas at night as viewed from on high. I've seen Vegas this way three times, twice by airplane and once by mountain.

On the last leg of the hour long hop from Oakland to Vegas we hit a little turbulence. Then, on the final turn, the big, bright full moon gawped into my window and it made me happy.

A moment later I could see the gleaming, multi-colored mountains of the Strip, rising above the lighted plains of the surrounding neighborhoods. I should have tried for a picture. The desert surrounding was black black black, as it always is. As we came to earth I wished I had time to spend in town. I threw six bucks into some slot machines and lost. What happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas.

I emerged from the plane into 92º weather. Wow! It had been awhile. I caught a rambling shuttle, that weaved its way around the tarmac, to the A terminal and then strolled down a moving walkway. A young woman walked the other way, eyes tightly closed, the earbuds of her iPod squawking something that was making her sing to herself.

Wrinkled old men and women filled the airport, some tanned, some white as fish bellies, all wearing absurd clothing. I knew immediately that my flight would be full of idiots.

I snagged a "pillow" and a "blanket" on the way to my seat as I boarded for the next long leg of my flight, destination Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh of all places!!


A few seats ahead of me a woman picked at the scabs on the tattoo her boyfriend or husband had just gotten on the back of his head. Lovely. The man was a walking billboard for Harley Davidson, wearing a bowling shirt with the name and logo emblazoned across the back. All of that, plus his goatee made him look very fierce. Oh yes indeedy. I was right. There were idiots on the plane.

I actually slept on the flight from Vegas to Pittsburgh. But it was a half-life sleep, a zombie sleep, a red bleary-eyed, not very rested kind of sleep.

As we neared the City of Bridges it began to grow light. Morning. Dawn. Thank Christ. The green wooded hills and farm valleys, so different from the left coast. The people were different, too. In fact, it's astonishing the variance not only in clothing styles but in the very faces and builds between different parts of the country.

America is still very diverse, even if we do all eat in the same restaurants and shop in the same stores. The corporations haven't homogenized us completely just yet.


A doctor in scrubs sat in the same aisle with me, on the plane to Philadelphia. Before the flight took off he was on his cell phone to a number of hospital floors, asking a number of charge nurses if orders he had placed had been scheduled. The doctor spoke a great deal like Mr. Mackey. "I want that carotid MRA scheduled for today and I'll be in to look at him on rounds at about 1 pm, mmm'kay?" The doctor spoke very loudly so that everyone on the plane heard him. Pompous ass.

My ride from the airport to Hazleton won't be here for some hours yet. I reckon I'll kill some time on teh Intarweb til then. I need a nap.

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Hey! I was in Pittsburgh last night, too!

Speaking of -- Don't Western Pennsylvanians look really weird?
Also, I should be driving back through Pittsburgh Wednesday or Thursday along I-80 on the way back to Cali.

I haven't had a chance to mention what a great full size picture that was, that you've made an icon from. Personally, I like your hair when it curls, too.
I guess you're asleep, or driving, but I had to say that my ex-brother-in-law is a doctor, and several years ago, after calling in his prescriptions for the day, he headed home via McDonalds. When he ordered at the speaker, he said: "This is Dr. McNeeley. I need a hamburger and a Coke."

I guess it doesn't fit your doctor story, but I suddenly remembered it.

Safe travels to you.