The much delayed first day missive

When Edgar and I arrived in the Bay Area, over a week ago now, the first thing we did was head into San Francisco.

While waiting for the shuttle to the BART station we found ourselves standing between two teenage girls. As we stood there they both suddenly whipped out their cell phones and started talking to EACH OTHER. The two way conversation was quite plain and evidently between themselves, without doubt. So there we stood, getting cooked both by cell phone rays and stupid waves. Oh muh gawwd!!! ZAP!!!

When we emerged above ground at the Embarcadero Station we found ourselves at the terminus of the California line of the cable car. Edgar stepped down into the tracks and started shouting, "He'p me! He'p me! I'sa gonna be cleft in twain by a antique conveyance!"

Like most city folk, no one would look at him. Including me.

"Edgar, get out of the tracks before you get stuck in gum or something." I pleaded.
Edgar in the Tracks

TramIn addition to the cable cars, beautifully restored old trams, of all types - yellow, green, red, and orange - were making their way up and down the street.

"Those were drawn by horses in my day." commented Edgar. "You had to step lively and keep your eyes on the prize, as well as the street."

"You have to do that now, too." I replied. "Except instead of horses the land mines are left by bums and by little yappy designer lap dogs."

"So where do you want to go?" I asked.

"I wanna see the birds."


"The birds. The birds up on the hill."

So we were off to Telegraph Hill to see the parrots. We got off the cable car and started climbing, and climbing, and fucking climbing! One thing was for sure. I wasn't getting any younger.

"Last time I made a torturous walk like this I ended up dead and wearing another man's clothes." said Edgar.

The parrots were around. I could hear them, and from time to time they circled, far out over the city, but they never came close enough for a picture. So, I took pictures of everything else, and the flist has already seen them.

Finished with the birds, we decided to try for fish. As it turned out, it was just more birds.

The seagulls at Fisherman's Wharf had even more brass than the bums on the corners with their hands out. Even the actual bums, not the politicians. One seagull was seriously sizing up Edgar and thinking of having him over for dinner.

Edgar and his StarbucksTuckered out and needing fortification for the long line waiting for the cable car back to Embarcadero Station, we stopped into a Starbucks. Edgar always asks for Irish Coffee but, really, he can't live without his mochas.

It was starting to get dark and the wind had kicked up. As the old saying goes, "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco." Edgar had a coat but I was in shirt sleeves and frozen stiff. When we approached Chinatown I leapt off the cable car and ducked down an alley, Edgar in tow (photos also seen by the flist).

When Edgar saw Chinatown he asked, "Do you suppose they still have opium dens in there?"

"Edgar!" I warned.

Edgar looked innocent.

As it turned out, we had some pho in a Vietnamese restaurant. Soup was called for on such a night. After that, it was a brisk walk back down to the BART and nothing but work ever since.

I may be lining up an apartment tomorrow after which I'll be flying back to Hazleton to get my car and cats.
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Good luck in SF! It seems like a city with a lot of personality, despite the cell phone twits. I certainly don't envy you the drive from PA back, though. With cats, even!
I'm flying into PA this weekend in order to pack up and drive the car and cats back to CA. I'm going to try and maintain a running log, next week, as I drive across America.
I'd say you are off to a fine start in your new hometwon - good luck!
This may be my favorite livejournal entry of all time.

I am immensely jealous, so I advise that you bring me and John.

and a puppy.
I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm flying into PA this weekend in order to pack up and take my car and cats back to CA. I'll try to keep a running log as I drive across country.
Okay, I thought I would write, waggishly:

"Is Edgar a little plastic man?"

Then I realized he was! In a shiny black suit!

I know about the parrots, because via Netflix I rented a documentary about them, The Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It's wonderful!

I am enjoying your adventure. Now to see if you got an apartment yet, and what it's like.