Another adventure

My job contract suddenly ended this week.

I had thought it would last until at least July and that I might even be in the running for a position with the hospital. I guess they were tired of putting out the moolah. We contractors were costing them a mint. Most of the implementations are done and the next big roll-out isn't for awhile so they must have decided to just put the kybosh on us.

I had said, previously, that I really didn't want to stay in NE Pennsylvania through another winter anyway. I've decided that I want to go back out west. I haven't made up my mind exactly where, yet. I've sent out a few résumé's, but I'm thinking I'd rather pick the place first and the job second. Also, I know I want to be near the ocean again and live in or near an urban setting. Right now I'm thinking back to Seattle, or San Diego, or the San Francisco Bay area, or back to Portland, or even LA. I've only been to LA once and I didn't like it much but I could go for some sun and heat like I grew up with.

I'm planning to sell everything I possibly can out of my apartment and give away the rest to save the cost of a rental truck. I've saved up enough sheckels to last me a few weeks and if I can get unemployment that will be icing on the cake.

If anyone out west knows of cheap apartments for rent in one of the major metropolitan areas, or somebody looking for a roommate (although I'm dragging along two cats so that probably won't work), please let me know. Meanwhile I'll be looking at craigslist, I reckon.

At the very least this means some interesting posts as I drive across country.
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Crap crap crap! I'm sorry!

I'm sure you know that Vegas has one of the best economies right now; Atlanta is also doing pretty well. Anyplace in the Rust Belt should be out, but you know that.

God, that sucks, I'm sorry. If I can help, let me know. :^(
Thanks, thanks.

You know, I have had Vegas in the back of my mind. I've been twice and I really like the desert and it's not all that far to the coast. Well, something to think about.

I'm not too concerned about being out of a job again. This is the third time I've been laid off since moving here. Once, I was laid off for over a year and I made it just fine on unemployment. If I'm careful I can make the money I've saved last a few weeks barring the unforseen.
Since I'm set on living in or near a metropolitan area I'd say that's a given. The mall reports will no doubt continue.

Solly Chahlie.
I'm sorry - because it was unexpected.

I'm glad though because you seen to have the right outlook. It is an adventure my friend - and there's a big world out there.

Say - if you're heading west you may well pass by me - please feel free to contact me if you're around KCMO - I'd love to show you around ;)
It occurred to me that I could stalk my way across the country and visit my flist. I may post about that when I'm preparing to go, and start to make arrangements.
Okay just admit it. You're moving to the west coast because I live in New York.

You keep doing this!

sorry about the job, but a new adventure awaits, huh?
i miss the ocean too!
and i *love* seattle, but i have only been a visitor there...
Moving does indeed suck.

I'm sorry it all went kablooey at once. Come west where nobody smokes in a restaurant.
I'm seriously considering a return to Seattle. There's so much I love about it. And if things get really bad I can flee into Canada

Sorry to hear about the job but going out west seems like an exciting prospect to me. I'll look forward to your pictures and hope you find someplace to settle that you really like. PA isn't bad, (and apparently Harrisburg has improved a lot, according to those who have been here before) but I don't feel like it would be my permanent home.

Good luck!