you have a whole lot of musical loves. My byfriend is huge on Men at Work and Colin Hay which is cute since he's otherwise mostly into stoner rock and indie.
Years and years of just hearing something on the radio or at a movie and buying an album or three. And this list doesn't even include the classical, big band, jazz, and space music.
It's entirely possible for you to get your wish as I'm going to be selling as many of them as I can prior to moving the hell away from here.
Well, I've put together a rather tedious and unwieldy spreadsheet of my classical, big band and jazz CDs. The majority is classical by far, as it turns out.

The information contained in the spreadsheet will allow you to look up the tracks on the compilations from or

Let me know where you want me to send it.
I tried but did not succeed. I started wanting to create a representative sample of my tastes. Then I wanted these to be arranged in order--most influential to least, but then I thought, "well, that one is more fun" and I even put it on and dance, so then the order changed. And then I got annoyed because the squares were not all the same size, some pictures are smaller for some reason and my obsession with modular design does not allow it. I took those out. Then I started thinking there is too much red here in this section of the chart, or, there is too much darkwave here and bossa nova there...

When I was finished, it was beautiful, but it had nothing to do with me.
Yeah, I thought about trying to get them into some kind of order but laziness, overwhelming entropy, and a certain secret passion for anarchy caused me to say, in no uncertain terms, "Oh fuck it."
It's a difficult task when you look at it as more than a collection of things you enjoy. I will have to sit down with it and try again. I think it says a lot about one, the music they listen to.

Your selection, a potent example of cultivation theory, is neat because if I were to stick to albums I like under the same premise, it would be very much like yours.
Cultivation theory! I thought that had to do with television, mass media, and it's effect on viewers' (particularly American viewers') interpretation of the world.

Nevertheless, I think you have something there because the premise of my music choices here really does boil down to:

a) A collection of things I enjoy.

b) Albums that are considered seminal or notable in some way, which would lend itself, at least a bit, to the idea of mass media influence and homogenization of culture.
Sure. Prolonged exposure to something via any form of media makes the exposed become used to its content, accept this content, and even enjoy and expect this sort of content. Ironically enough, the resulting skewed perspective is what is in retrospect often what defines "culture" within that particular time frame.

See now I have to have a crush on you simply because you included "Swing Out Sister" ;)
ZOMG!! The voice on that woman! Sing along!

o/~ If you should ever change your miiind
I'll be there just CALL my name
Until then I'll be playing the waiting gaaaaame