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Old Cloverleaf Village Train
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That is the saddest picture you have ever posted. I do hope you are feeling better soon.
Thanks Jeanneane. I suppose this picture is sad, as all abandoned places that once had life and hope are sad. I'm really quite drawn to such places. My mood selection, I think, was a bit misleading. I chose it more for the theme than my actual feelings. But thank you for the kind thoughts, nonetheless.
It's sad for me because it's a train. I love trains, any kind. That whole era of train travel would have been a great time to live in.

I'm glad you're ok. I do worrie about you.
I think it's great (the picture...not that you aren't feeling well). It reminds me of a b&w photo series I saw a few years ago online with abandoned buildings/places across America.
I'm afraid my mood choice was a bit misleading as I chose it more to keep in theme rather than indicate my actual feelings at the time.

I'm really quite drawn to abandoned places. They speak to me. I'd really like to take another trip down Route 66 and do a photo series before everything is gone from there. In particular, I'd like to do a desert ghost town set.
It's all overgrown and burnt out and lonesome.

Did you see if it locked? Now I want to see the inside..
I did get a crappy picture of the inside. It doesn't look like a train car inside anymore. I'll see what I can do with the pic, though.