You think you got problems?

I was talking to my boss on the phone this morning. He was on his way up here and, apparently, he drowned his car.

Yeah, see, it's been raining up here the last few hours and in my boss's words, "I drove into a six foot deep puddle...So, I'm having a bad day". Apparently he, like, totally submerged his suburbia WASP low ride Dodge Intrepid or whateverthefuck. Car stalled out and he couldn't roll down the power windows! Imagine drowning in a puddle on some back road in Harrisburg, PA!

Anyway, he called me from his home where he was probably standing like a drowned rat with his wife looking at him like - "I married this shmuck."

Dude, I'd love to drown my car. I've always hated it. Not because it's a piece of shit or anything. It's resentment. Yeah. I bought my car in 1995. My dad offered to chip in on the down payment and save me some money on the payments. The catch was I had to get something he approved of instead of what I would have wanted. I would have gotten a fuel efficient Toyota or Honda or summat. But my father was in WW II and he HATED the Japanese. What I have is a Ford Thunderbird. It's a V-8, though, so it gets up. Still, I resent it. I should have had some balls and refused his offer but I was broke. I'm still broke so until I win the lottery or move to NYC I'm still stuck with this resentful car I bought because of my dead father who is now in boring person's hell. Waah waah me shutthefuckup.


It's a few minutes later and I just got off the phone with my boss who updated me on the whole drowned car debacle. He just gave me the whole soap opera on insurance and rentals and such. Christ on a crutch, I have to depend on this whiner to help me get my work done. He hates his job. He's told me so. Fortunately I like mine and I'm decent at it so I'll get promoted eventually and then problem solved.
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